In case you’re a discount freak like me, here’s some codes and links I have for you!


airbnb discount code


Airbnb is my favorite platform to use when traveling, you can rent a little space, a room or even a full place! I have used it to travel to different cities by myself, with Romen, I once rented an apartment in Málaga with my grandma, and Romen and I also use it when we move to different countries and need some days to find a home!

The procedure is super safe and the main advantage is that you’ll feel like home, as you’ll literally be staying at someone’s home!

If it’s your first time using airbnb, use this link to get a 34€ discount + another 13€ if you’re booking any experience through the platform!

For every person who joins, I will earn 23€, so I can travel more thanks to you! 🤩

Want to become an airbnb host?

If you’re house has a spare room, you could easily use it to win some extra money inviting people from around the world! If you read about how to become a host you’ll see that it’s super safe, and Airbnb will always back you up for any problem.

Advantages? Easy money + lots of new friends!

You’re procedure will be a lot easier if you do so through my referral using this link!

uber discount code


Honestly, I get that a lot of taxi chaffeurs get mad because “ubers are stealing their jobs”. But honestly, I’ve been ripped off so many times by taxis! And they are usually so rude as well!

That’s why I love using uber, it’s super safe, you can see your trip on the application, send it to a friend in case you’re not feeling safe and all the payments are online! Even the tips are online! I honestly totally recommend it, it’s cheaper than taxis, and it’s safer than taxis.

Get your 5€ discount for your first uber ride by clicking on the button below!

Doesn’t work you can also just use my discount code right here: uberpsychetje00


transferwise logo discount code


If you ever need to send money abroad, because you’re moving to another country, or you’re visiting another country and need the money for the next days… Transferwise does it at the lowest fees in the market (believe me, I’ve studied them all). In approximately 3 to 5 days, you can get the money in your foreign account.

*Free until 500€. Above that, there’s an approximate ~5€ charge (depends on the amount you want to send).


PayPal is (in my opinion) the safest way to make online purchases. You don’t have to leave your personal bank account data anywhere, you just get a gateway through PayPal, login, and they will do the payments for you. I use it for almost everything. Monthly subscriptions, Amazon, to sell my products, etc.

I’m still working on actually getting a link to PayPal, but if you send me an email, I can help you join PayPal. Once your account is setup, and you purchase something over 5€, we will both receive 10€ from PayPal!


N26 (known as Number 26 until July 2016) is a German direct bank, headquartered in Berlin, Germany. N26 offers its services throughout most of the Eurozone, UK, Switzerland and US.

You can use it for online payments and to spend money in most of the Eurozone, UK, Switzerland and US without having to pay any extra fees! I use it a lot when I travel through Europe, as I only have a Spanish and Belgian card that charge me A LOT every time I want to do a payment. And personally, I don’t like walking around a lot of cash.

Still have problems? Use this code: psychev8129


cheerz discount code


Need some inspiration for Birthday, Valentines or Christmas ideas? Have you heard of Cheerz? They gave me a promotional code so that you can get a 5€ promotion on your first order!

If the link doesn’t work, you can just use this discount code: PSYC7


siteground discount code


If you need any help creating your website, feel free to contact me and I’ll help you out with whatever I can, no compromise! 🤪

I’ve jumped from many blogging platforms through the year and honestly this one is my all time favourite. They have a 24/7 chat support and you’ll get a great offer through my link on your first year!

If the promotion doesn’t apply on your web, feel free to contact me and we’ll figure it out.

Have any discount codes yourself you want to share? Share them below in the comment section with the community!

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